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Whether you are looking to get divorced, or spousal or child support modification, we provide you with the best counsel you need to make informed decisions.

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Property Division and Evaluation

Finances can be of the utmost importance during your divorce. You need to make sure all the assets are being disclosed, We can help with conflict in the division. We will help you understand how a business or home can be valued or divided.

Income and Assets

When it comes to income and assets, your spouse may not be totally honest. There may be hidden assets that should be available for division as marital property. What happens if a spouse doesn't disclose all the assets or bank accounts? Can you get access to all the credit card accounts? Maybe your spouse is spending more money than they claim they are making. How can you prove it, and what can be done?

Child Custody

How does the court determine what the best interests of the child are? Is there conflicting opinions about where the child should reside and for how long? Sometimes parents can work together through counseling and mediation. Some situations require stronger measures, like undergoing a Evidence Code 730 evaluation. What is a EC 730 evaluation and when does it become necessary to have one? How do factors come into play such as parents behavior around the children? What constitutes unacceptable behavior? Are there different types of evaluations and which one suits you? Are there resources for me to get help with evaluations so I know what to expect?

Spousal Support

If there is spousal support involved, we will explain how the court determines how much it can be and how long will it last. You should also know what the factors are involved in the courts decision

Wills and Trusts

Having a will is the most important step in making sure your assets are distributed to the right beneficiary. You will also need an executor for your will. The Law Offices of Marie Moreno Myers can help you assess your assets and help you complete a will that suits you. If you need a trust, we will help you determine the best type of trust to meet your needs.

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